C M Health Solutions has been disseminating user friendly, ethical content for health conscious netizens since 2000. All the content is generated by medicos and other health professionals. A very high percentage of searches on search engines is health related and people are generally looking for specific problems that they need to handle a health related issue.

To clarify some of the DOUBTS that people have, C M Health Media is launching The Doubts Series, which is the joint effort of several professionals from the medical as well as bizworld. Notable among them are

Dr C H Asrani - Chief Visionary
Padmashree Dr Alaka Deshpande - Director - Clinical Services
Dr Ramesh Subramaniam - Medical Journalist
Dr Asmita Shah - Head - Wellness
Dr Sunita Manglik - Head - Knowledge Services
Dr Shweta Rastogi - Head - Dietetics & Nutrition
Dr Sushma Jaiswal - Head - Operations & IT

Going ahead, there will be e-books on specific topics and online consulting/ treatment options.

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